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Return Policy

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality available on the market at the best price.

Costs of goods can vary depending on the actual weight and size of the product purchased. When other companies would charge you for a maximum gross weight, Eurobread Inc. will always try to give you the best price and to lower your order total by carefully weighting and measuring your items. Estimations in your shopping cart are always higher than the final net total.

Handling Policy

Orders will usually be delivered within 1 to 2 business (sooner if otherwise specified) days depending on the availability of products in stock. No order will be processed during weekend days. Orders received after 5pm will be taken care of on the next business day.

Return Policy

All sales are final - No returns will be accepted by Eurobread Inc. once the delivery has been received and signed for. For more information, please contact Eurobread Inc. directly at 561-278-1553 or via email at sales@firstharvest.us

All photos and pictures showed in the web catalog and the printable version of the catalog are not contractual.

In order to provide you always with the best quality products on each and every order, Eurobread Inc. may elect to change the brand and/or origin of the goods without prior notice. If you are not satisfied with a new product and/or you think the quality does not meet the high standards you have been used to in your pervious orders, let us know immediately. We will do our best to make sure we satisfy your needs at 100%.